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Hydrate, Protect, Replenish: Exploring the benefits of Japanese Camellia Oil

From Geisha rituals to your shower shelf, Camellia Oil (Tsubaki Oil) is poised to become your newest beauty obsession. This centuries-old Japanese secret holds the key to radiant skin and healthy hair, nourished and protected by nature's potent elixir. Dive into the rich history and powerful properties of this treasured oil, and get ready to unlock your own inner glow!

Camellia Japonica Oil: A centuries-old Japanese beauty secret for radiant skin & healthy hair.

Camellia Japonica Oil, also known as Tsubaki Oil, holds a deep-rooted place in Japanese beauty rituals, treasured for generations by Geishas for its remarkable ability to nourish and protect the skin and hair. Its secret lies in its rich composition of oleic acid (omega-9), a powerful fatty acid that strengthens the skin's natural barrier, locks in moisture, and shields against environmental damage and harmful UV rays.

Tsubaki oil is extracted from the seeds of the Camellia japonica flower, renowned for its delicate blooms in various shades of white, pink, and red. Beyond its captivating beauty, the flower offers a rich treasure trove of nutrients. This natural oil boasts a high concentration of oleic acid, along with a symphony of polyphenol antioxidants, vitamins A, D, and E, making it a potent elixir for both skin and hair.


For Hydrated Skin:

Considered a "dry oil" due to its lightweight, non-greasy feel, Tsubaki oil seamlessly absorbs into the skin, delivering its nourishing components deep within. Its remarkable properties benefit all skin types, including sensitive skin, thanks to its non-comedogenic nature. Here are some of the ways Camellia oil pampers your skin:

  • Promotes elasticity and suppleness: Oleic acid helps maintain the skin's youthful bounce and resilience.
  • Deeply moisturizes and hydrates: Locks in moisture, leaving your skin feeling dewy and refreshed.
  • Improves complexion: The antioxidant power of polyphenols promotes a radiant, even-toned appearance.
  • Minimizes the appearance of scars: Camellia oil can help soften the visibility of past blemishes.
  • Reduces inflammation: Soothes irritation and helps alleviates redness.
  • Protects against UV damage: Provides a natural shield against harmful sun rays.

    Unleash the Shine in Your Hair:

    From Geishas' glossy locks to your own hair's crowning glory, Tsubaki oil works its magic. Infused with essential fatty acids, proteins, and glycerides, it nourishes, strengthens, and restores even the most fragile strands. Its protective properties shield your hair from environmental aggressors and UV damage, making it a versatile ally for all hair types. Here's how Camellia oil elevates your hair game:

    • Intensely moisturizes and conditions: Tames frizz, leaving your hair feeling soft and manageable.
    • Nourishes, strengthens, and restores: Revives dry, damaged hair, promoting healthy growth.
    • Protects against UV and environmental damage: Shields your hair from harmful elements that can dull and weaken it.
    • Strengthens hair and replenishes moisture: Helps prevent breakage and split ends.
    • Smooths hair cuticles without weighing it down: Adds shine and definition without compromising on volume.
    • Treats dry scalp and prevents dandruff: Soothes irritation and promotes a healthy scalp environment.

      Understanding the Camellia Varieties:

      While hundreds of Camellia species exist, primarily three types of Camellia oil find their way into the market. Though commonly referred to as "Camellia oil," they differ significantly in their composition and benefits, so understanding the distinction is important:

      • Camellia sinensis: The beloved tea plant used for black and green tea. The oil from its seeds is known as Tea Oil and holds limited cosmetic value.
      • Camellia oleifera: Widely used as a cooking oil in Asia for its delectable flavor and impressive smoke point. This Tea Seed Oil, while nutritious, isn't ideal for cosmetic applications.
      • Camellia japonica: The star of the show! Tsubaki oil, cold-pressed from the seeds of this variety, boasts the highest concentration of beneficial nutrients and used primarily for cosmetic use. 

      At Oleo Botanicals, we believe in harnessing the power of plant oils. That's why our Organic Camellia Japonica Seed Oil, is crafted from organically grown flowers, invites you to experience a touch of Japanese tradition in every drop.

      100% Pure Japanese Camellia Oil

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      • Christine Sierra

        Perfect for eye area. Also notice lashes and eyebrows look fuller. Best so far.

      • pearline burton

        I’ve used this product for about 2 years now and always get outstanding compliments such as i look radiant, young, etc. Im 67 years old and everyone thinks im in my 50’s. All i know is it works for me. Im a happy camper.

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