The Amazing Benefits of Maracuja Oil

The Amazing Benefits of Maracuja Oil


Maracuja oil originates from the Amazon Forest and is derived from both the passionflower plant and the seeds of a passion fruit. These two plants are Passiflora incarnate, known as passion flower and Passiflora edulis, known as passion fruit.The oil from either source is said to be an amazing emollient. An emollient is a chemical agent (in this case, a 100% all-natural source) that increases hydration by decreasing evaporation on the surface of the skin. Rich in vitamins A, E, C, and calcium and phosphorus.  

Maracuja oil is a powerful emollient rich in vitamin C. The high content of essential fatty acids and light texture makes maracuja oil valuable in treating wrinkles & dry aging skin.

Maracuja oil is a powerful emollient rich in vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus. The high content of essential fatty acids and light texture makes maracuja oil valuable in treating wrinkles & dry aging skin.

According to a study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, passion fruit oil can inhibit the production of melanin; which makes this oil a natural alternative for treating hyper-pigmentation.  Maracuja oil indicates that Passiflora seeds contain linoleic acid, an ingredient effective in cell regulation and skin-barrier repair. Additionally, passion fruit seed oil is considered to be a good moisturizer.


  • A good emollient – emollients are moisturizers and often used for skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis – also great for people who have dry or brittle hair, as it helps to moisturize and soften damaged or color-treated hair
  • Anti-inflammatory – can be used to reduce inflammation due to skin conditions
  • Anti-itching – because it is very rich in fatty acids it is used as an anti-histamine for bug bites or other allergies, which also helps to treat dry, brittle, and damaged hair in addition to helping with itching and flaking on the scalp
  • Anti-oxidant – which can also be interpreted as an anti-aging effect – this agent can help with reducing free radicals or toxins on the surface of the skin – it contains vitamin C, which is good for hair follicles as it aides in the production of collagen, and promotes hair growth and strength
  • Rich in Vitamins A & E – these vitamins are extremely helpful with inflammation or itching on the scalp caused by free radicals in the environment, as well as help to protect the scalp against Ultra Violet rays.


Whether it is used as a lotion or moisturizer for the skin, or an oil or a conditioning agent for the hair and scalp, this is an amazing oil, and it smells divine!

If ingested, passionfruit seeds or maracuja oil can also be a beneficial agent for stress reduction, used during a cold to suppress a cough, anti-anxiety, and/or used for bronchial issues, such as asthma.

If this is to be used as a topical agent for the skin as moisturizer or for healing purposes, make sure that you place a little portion of the oil on a small area of skin to rule out an allergic reaction. If used on a larger portion or area of skin, it can be diluted with coconut or olive oil without decreasing effectiveness.

Maracuja oil is an oil derived from the exotic passionfruit plant or fruit, and has been used by natives of the Amazon rainforest and Aztec Indians for centuries. Centuries ago, people did not have the luxury of man-made remedies, so they had to find remedies from the plant-life native to the area.

It is our mission, pleasure, and passion to sell 100%, all-natural products derived from these exotic plants, fruits, trees, and flowers, which were used in native traditions from tropical and exotic places all over the world.

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We offer passion fruit oil in a pure version and mixed within a blend, where it helps moisturize, protect, and rejuvenate all at once, while also stabilizing oil production in acne-prone skin.

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